Not sure what to get your media naranja for Valentine’s Day?

No te preocupes, we have a few suggestions for you.  Here is a list of items we found that are perfect for those with Colombian esposas, maridos y amigos.

So let’s get started. Ladies first.

What do women want?

Movies have been made, books have been written, and songs have been sung about this age old question:

Que quieren las mujeres pues?

And though everyone has an opinion, I’ll give you the best answer right now:


No, wait, not diamonds. I mean yes, they like diamonds (“diamonds are a girls best…”, I’m sure you can finish that saying right?).  But you know what women love more than diamonds?  Thoughtfulness!

I’m sure she would love a diamond (or two), but she will talk about you forever if you give her something that has meaning.  If you show her that you put a little thought into the gift, she will love you no matter what.

Ideally, your gifts should represent something unique about her and your relationship.  So think back to the major moments in your relationship.  A good place to start is with la primera vez.

Yes, the first time:

  • You saw her
  • You kissed her
  • You danced with her
  • Your first date
  • Your first movie
  • Your first meal
  • Your first nicknames
  • Your first (ah-hum) time together

Those are all good places to start your heartstorm (heart + brainstorm = heartstorm).

Now, if you are in love with a Colombiana, what better gift to give her than something that is unique, special and Colombian.


So lets dive in and get back to the list:

Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Colombian Lady

I’m talking to you.  Yes, you the romantic guy that can’t stop thinking about his love for his beautiful Colombiana.

If you’ve read this far it’s fair to assume you have a romantic side (psst, that’s a good thing).

Maybe you have known each other for a long time, or are just starting your relationship.  We hope this list gives you a few options to warm her heart and put a smile on her face.

Heart-Shaped Necklace with Colombia Map Silhouette

This is the perfect gift for your Colombiana.  Especially if she is the super-proud-to-be Colombian type, with a subtle fashion style.

Think proud and conservative.  Does that make sense?



Colombia Pear Emerald Necklace

Ok, so things are getting serious.

You’ve been to the house for bandeja paisa, she made you arepas for breakfast, and you’ve met with los papás, but youre not ready to propose yet?  Gotcha.

This is a good option to buy you at least a few more months if not years before you have to get her the ring.

I Love you From Here to Colombia Art

This print is simple and to the point, yet clever and thoughtful.  It also comes in different colors.

Decorate a corner of her room, or just replace one of the old paintings already on her wall with this one.


Colombia Heart Pendant

This colombian-flag-colored-heart-shaped pendant is sweet:  Small, romantic, and very Colombian.

She can wear this out to your next date or with her Colombian jersey next time Colombia plays (which btw is in March – save the date). Either way, you can’t go wrong.


Colombia Flag Valentine Teddy Bear

Colombia Flag Teddy Bear Gift Present

Want to keep her cozy and cuddly when you’re not around?

Then this fuzzy little bear (should we call him paco? how about chancho?) is what you need.






List of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys

Yes, there is a list of gift ideas for guys too.

Although most of the valentines day is dedicated to pampering women, men also need love.

But, what do guys really want?  Do they even care?

Of course they care!  But if you really want to know what they want, listen up.

How to make a guy feel good?

Most guys are actually pretty easy to shop for.  That’s because deep down they really only want one thing.  Yes that too, but deeper than that, they want to relax & have fun.

“Boys love to be boys.”

Some food, something to play with (gadgets, games), and some relaxation and most men will be happy.

For most holidays, guys just want to kick back and be happy.  And this valentine is no different.  He really just wants to be with you.  And the less pressure you put on him, the better he will feel.  And you know what they say about performance anxiety right?  It’s not good.

So if you’ve planned a fun and relaxing day with him, then here is a list of items you should get for your man to feed his love for you and Colombia:

List of gift ideas for Colombian Guys

Handmade Metal and Wood Money Clip

If your guapo takes good care of his finances, he probably likes to pay for everything with cash. Or he’s a mafioso (sorry to tell you that).

Either way, he will love this handmade clip. The wooden part has a small silhouette of the map of Colombia.  Plus, he will always think of you when he picks up the cheque at your next date.

Handmade Metal and Wood Cufflinks

These are geat:  Classy, thoughtful, makes him look sharp and helps him represent Colombia.   Plus, you want to make sure he has enough cufflinks to wear with his french-cuffed shirts, for your next dinner with la familia.  These cufflinks will surely impress them.


Colombia Map iPhone 7 Case

Studies have shown that people can check their phones over 100 times a day.  If your man is like that, he will thank you for helping him to keep his precious iPhone 7 protected.

This hard case will cover the back of the phone, with a navy blue background, the map of Colombia, filled in with the Colombian flag.



Colombia Soccer Legends T-Shirt

Can you name all of these Colombian Legends?  Here, we’ll get you started:  Valderrama (middle), Higuita (middle right), Rincon (middle left)… Can you guess who the other two are?

Even if you can’t your man probably will, and he will love this shirt.  Choose between a black, white, yellow or grey shirt to fit his style.  The cotton material is great quality and the artwork is simply chevere.

Colombia National Team Foosball Team Figures

Relive the Colombian National team’s great run at the world cup by playing with the life-like foosball figures.

If your man likes foosball, and maybe has his own table, he will love this.

Colombia Big Multicolor Dial Watch

Is he the flashy type?  Then look no further.

Just get him this big yellow watch, with the Colombian flag on the face and he will probably only take it off to.  Actually, he will likely never take it off again.

The Yellow Colombia Jersey

He surely has a Colombia Jersey.  So the question is, does he need a new one?

And by need I mean, does it still look good on him? Does he still fit in it ok? Are all of your pictures of him with that same jersey? And, does it still smell good?

If so, your man clearly takes good care of his belongings, himself and likely takes good care of you. Marry that man. Fast.


Colombian Baseball Team Cap

Colombia World Baseball Classic Colombian National Beisbol TeamDid you know Colombia has a Baseball team? Well, now you know. This March will be the first time for them to play in the World Baseball Classic, after qualifying in exciting fashion over Panama.

So grab him a piece of history, keep him looking sharp, and protected from those sun rays.

Baseball Style Shirts

Colombia Baseball ShirtThis baseball-style shirt is pretty cool. Here’s why:

You can pick the color you like, you can pick the number (ex: His favorite number, or the day you started dating) and you can add his name (or your name) to the back of the Jersey.

Plus, nothing is more romantic than giving him a personalized gift. Am I right?


World Baseball Classic (WBC) Tickets – Colombia vs USA

WBC World Baseball Classic Colombia Tickets

Will you be in Florida from March 9th to the 13th by any chance?  If so, you have to buy this.

These are tickets to see Colombia and USA play in the World Baseball Classic. Just picture it: A warm sunny day, hotdogs, the Colombian national anthem playing, quality time together, dos cerveza, and your chance of showing up on the jumbotron as the most in-love couple. It’s perfect.

Ready for Valentines Day?

You now have a definition for what she/he really want for valentines and a list of great gift ideas.

So, you should now be feeling more relaxed with your Valentine’s Day shopping.  We hope these suggestions gave you some options and inspiration to find your amorcito the perfect gift.

If you haven’t bought your gifts yet, what are you waiting for?  Is there something you would like for us to add to this list?  Or do you have the perfect gift idea?

Then, please share in the comments below, and enjoy your Valentines Day.