Marcelo Gutierrez’s sixth consecutive win at the Downhill Urbano de Manizales

Want to get down the insanely steep streets of Manizales in under 2 minutes? Watch Marcelo Gutierrez (@marceloguvi) make it look easy as he speeds down “las escalas de la muerte” in la cuidad falduda (Manizales).

Check out Red Bull’s GoPro of Marcelo Guttierez:

Marcelo Gutierrez’s victory title is followed by another manizaleño, Steven Ceballos, who came in second place with a time of 1 minute and 35 seconds and in third place, Camilo Sanchez, another Colombian native, from the department of Caldas, with a time of 1 minute of 36 seconds.

The Downhill Urbano takes place every January during La Feria de Manizales. This is its 10th year running and Marcelo Gutierrez has won 6 times which pretty much makes him a legend. Congrats Marcelo! #siempreunidos #unidosporunpais #vamoscolombia.